You can call me Jo

I am a graphic recorder (visual note taker) in Cleveland, Ohio.
Some of you may know me by my full name, Johnine Byrne
John + een (rhymes with bean) = Johnine  /   burn = Byrne

I have a degree in graphic design from the Rochester Institute of Technology and worked in advertising as an art director on accounts that included Kodak and DuPont. I started my own freelance design business 10 years ago, creating logos, annual reports, websites and brochures for clients in Northeast Ohio and around the country.

My first foray into visual note-taking began with a request from a client who was hosting a large scale meeting. After that first gig, I was hooked. Graphic recording takes my fine art skills and the information organization skills that make a good graphic designer and blends them together. 

The final product might not be a gallery worthy piece of art but it has lots of value for meeting participants. People see that their ideas were heard as they see them translated onto paper. Words coupled with drawings reinforce key concepts of a presentation and help with comprehension and retention….AND it adds a dynamic element to a room.


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I'm a visual interpreter!