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Graphic recording is when a person like me documents a group’s conversation or a presenter's speech by drawing on a large piece of paper or foam core using markers. This is done in real-time with the graphic recorder standing in the room.

The visual capturing of people's ideas—in words and drawings—can be a catalyst for generating new ideas, for aiding comprehension, or to help people see emerging patterns in group interactions. 

These giant drawn documents (see more examples on the Gallery page) are a joint venture between the meeting facilitator, the graphic recorder and the meeting's participants. They serve as a visual map of the event and allows the group's collective work to be better understood and to be shared with others.

Let's create something together!  

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Some of the clients I've recorded for include:  
NASA, Hyland, Sherwin Williams, Avery Dennison, Parker, Nestlé, Dix & Eaton, MetroHealth Hospital, University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, Content Marketing World, Rockwell Automation, Cleveland Cavaliers, TEDxCleveland, Smuckers, Gilbane, OverDrive, KeyBank, Americhem & WKYC Channel 3

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